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To celebrate finally having internet at my apartment, here are some mostly polaroid-shaped lovelies!

Fragile by limnides Polaroid 31 - Exposure Burn I by Picture-Bandit 8. September 2012 by Filterkaffee Polaroid 67 by ncavee Hill of a King by JillAuville diaspora by hclay Les Digues by mheuf Blaasbloem by Jantinus :thumb243643529: Polaroid.001 by CatherineCoffeebean :thumb73933581: 730 by Plushee

I miss you. I just moved and haven't got internet yet but when I do, I plan on digitizing my entire archive of photos and maybe some other media too! I will also (hopefully!) be setting up an etsy soon to sell some clothing and jewelry I've been wanting to make for a while now. So I'm sorry for disappearing for so long. Keep an eye out for updates from me! I'll be back soon, I promise!
Huge feature to celebrate clearing over 3,000 messages from my deviantart message center! Enjoy!

orb. by a-lackofcolor *** by andrewpershin The Dragon Yawns by shadowgirl Tranquility / Turbulence by JillAuville Ghost alive by EstelDreaming Apple Blossom by TheNewBlueBlood loss of muse by Amyln Flowers in her hair by MATZU Wild Dog by Andoledius terzo1 by seyrana spirit tree by koyamori :thumb280670444:

untitled 660 by ErosTurranos what holds us together by Rona-Keller The Ghost Nebula by TylerCreatesWorlds ... .. . by FairyGothMother878 Cling by IAmChimmieArt alternative landscape by BenoitPaille First by Jantinus 026, timeless by DISC-ERR0R Scandinavian Love by nostalgiaplatz sky by 466707062 Hotel by Jantinus L'hiver by LemonLemonLemon

57574 by aleksandra88 Baltazar by alucinatio :thumb296988088: Klimop by Lionique :thumb286717223: Double Winter by Peter-Zen Valley of Confusion by Markus43 the calm before the storm by withL0VE living a double life by jierumi Kvieta by hiimlucifer Brave New World by PoLazarus2 Art Student V by Vive-Le-Rock

piano blues by inesfsilva Splitting The Atom by mheuf Zebra failure by Robin-Bervini Two weeks by Kafein homecoming. by Dronevil Towards the light02 by Jantinus glow by hclay 07 by pripie .infinita'. by introvertevent blossoms along the way by coeurenbois the intruder ::: by katworks Pola_06.03.2011 by 7Vanilla7
I have literally been taking so many pictures. I have taken more photos in the past six months than I have in any other year of my life. Between digital and film and I have easily taken 3,000 pictures, but I haven't really been sharing them. Occasionally I've posted on tumblr but I don't think I've found the right gallery/image-sharing medium yet. I think I am going to use dA a bit more though. I've been doing a lot of phoneography and I kind of feel like it's cheating and less real as an art form but I think I should probably get over that. haha So look forward to a lot of phone photos from my adventures the past six months!
There's so much I want to do this summer and after.

P.S. Who has a tumblr?
The weird green background has come up in community debate before, but I never thought it made a different until today. I was on tumblr and saw a drawing with the link back to where it was posted on dA. On tumblr's white background, I thought, wow this is a really cool thing. I went to the dA page to favorite it there, and I was shocked by how different the very same drawing appeared. What had seemed a really cool, simple but thought-provoking drawing, looked like a quick, thoughtless sketch on dA. The green-grey just diminished all the contrast in the picture, making it look so flat, and the lack of contrast was really distracting. Now even on dA, the picture has over 1,000 faves, so good for that artist! Just something I'm going to remember when browsing dA. Successfully designed portfolio websites are rarely any color than black or white, and certainly no gallery shows are typically on white walls. I just want to remember than my viewing experience is affected by the strange background color.
I missed it by a couple days, but as of March 6 I've been on deviantart for seven years. That's kind of mind-blowing for me. deviantart became a kind of timeline for a while, especially when I was in high school, closely linked to what was going on in the real world for me. When I started using dA, most of my friends used it too, and we all talked and posted our art and communicated and were hilarious and whatnot. This was before we all had myspace and eventually (meaning, shortly thereafter) facebook. As some high school drama erupted I moved from my original account to a second account and, after a few short-lived side accounts, settled down right here. deviantart changed a lot of how I thought about art. It was a chance to get exposure to what other people (whether real adults or kids like me) were making. What hundreds of thousands of other people were making basically in real time! I've met a lot of really amazing people on here. I have friends from around the world because of dA. deviantart gave me a place-to-be on the internet, which I guess means it kind of got me into the internet in general (though I'd been using it for at least five years before I started using dA.) And yes, dA gets rife with drama and art thievery and dissent and whatnot... but honestly, that's not the part of the community I participate in. Sure there are things that could be different or better, but I'm just glad I've had the chance to meet and talk to and see art from and be inspired by the amazing artists and friends I've met on here. So there's my bit of nostalgia and sleepy happiness. I'm going to go back to celebrating my first day of spring break by doing nothing!! :D (And by nothing I mean scrolling through tumblr and watching vlogbrothers videos.)
Oh look I also don't really use my deviantart. It's not really on purpose and it's not forever. I'm still active around other places.

:bulletblue: Portfolio: (needs updated)

:bulletblue: Tumblr: (on second thought, ask for my Tumblr. There's a lot of dumb shit on there.)

:bulletblue: Flickr: (I always forget I have a flickr)

:bulletblue: Facebook: (I forget I have this too but it has almost all of my work on it, even more than dA)
It seems I tripped and fell into reading about lots of dA drama that's been going on while I've been distracted by tumblr and blissfully unaware of the turmoil and the bits of community vs. staff things that have been happening. I kind of have a headache now. I really didn't realize how bad it was getting.

I think I'm just going to go to class now or something.
And I'm not really sure why that is. I think it has something to do with I'm not sure what I want to use this account for. I used to have just one set style of photography and that was it. Now I'm open to so many other things photographically and in other media. I kinda want to just jumble it all together and be like, BLAH THERE this is me. But at the same time I'm also trying to think of professionalism. But then again, this is deviantart. I have a real official website that is a nice categorized portfolio. I've also been using tumblr as a jumble of things, but my creations are mixed in with other people's work that I like. So maybe deviantart should be my meeting place of everything mine? Haha I don't know. Any ideas or opinions?
I still check dA all the time and maintain my groups and such.
I've just gotten really into tumblr and happen to be more active there.
I'll still be using deviantart though, no worries.

If you have a tumblr or just want to check out mine, here's the link:

And maybe I should stop trying to separate and categorize all the different little parts of myself, even if when melded together make a whole pot of randomness. I'm thinking about it in terms of the internet right now, but I guess it applies to the bigger picture as well.
everything is going five million miles an hour.
now i am strong by Die-Jeanre aragats mount. by anizakaryan alice by wredna slumber by LostOneself Hand by Erica-Jay :thumb261838643: 555 by PandoraSelezneva :thumb264736218: forever dance. by rooze Anabelle the human by Kyendo My Twin III by gocealice Tea and Moths by kelleybean86
I have no name. by FromAshesToEden yellow by la-child Sea shells and Lace by WaitingForTheWolves autumn atmosphere. by BlackDennie Grey Oceans by iNeedChemicalX steep by UnaRubyHeart pyramid_your_body by UnaRubyHeart Fox-sister by NerySoul Heavenscape by DelectableTea Double Exposure by alex-hutch .... by renesansowa :thumb260674971:
Standing Tall by ArgentumChloride Maybe Brink Pink by Toisho :thumb216946439: 6580987 by aleksandra88 :thumb215644912: blue bird by koniksalami ::fluttering images:: by katworks Half and half by ElenaKalis 953123 by aleksandra88 16 by AlisaBezSkazki simple thoughts by einlee The Fairy... by la-child

Lost At Sky by DelectableTea Anan Mia 24 by yychanson floral. by la-child Touch the time by toxicspace sun by laura-makabresku ballad of love and hate. by homseni underneath my leather boots by ofmonsters i would swim from a tree by ofmonsters 2425 by mirrorsinthestreet Above Forest by marius-ilie :thumb244927345: At the crossroads III by Basistka
I don't usually post about things that aren't visual art, but I found out today that my favorite band is back together to make some music and be awesome! Their music changed my life and I can remember the day I heard them for the first time in 2003 and of course their concert I went to two years later. I just wanted to get the word out there, just in case anyone who knows of them didn't know they were back or maybe you might discover them and like their music.

Welcome back, Vendetta Red!

Click the photo to go to their facebook!